About Us

Today, Holyoke's history can be seen in the ingeneous canal system that powered the original mills; the classic factory architecture; the majestic City Hall; the 19th century tenement blocks; the social geography of the neighborhoods reflecting the city's class and ethnic influences. However, Holyoke still have so much to offer in terms of adaptive reuse of mill buildings, like Canal Gallery and Open Square.

Holyoke is a city with a rich and unique industrial past that has a vital and growing arts community. Understanding the correlation between arts, tourism, and economic growth in a creative economy we seek to promote attractions and events within the City with the goal of raising public awareness and attracting audiences. Creating Holyoke fosters a positive image and promote the broad spectrum of cultural, historical, sites, events and attractions available in Holyoke to her residents and visitors.

Passport Holyoke is a network of organizations that promote the diverse cultural, educational and recreational assets of Holyoke, Massachusetts.

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