Holyoke History Room


The primary purpose of the Holyoke Public Library History Room & Archive is to promote the study of Holyoke, Massachusetts from its inception to the present. The collections housed are part of the heritage of Holyoke and are of permanent value to the community. The archive exists to serve the residents of the city by selecting, organizing, preserving, and making available on a limited basis, appropriate print and non-print materials that record our knowledge, ideas, and culture which will aid the residents of the city in the pursuit of educational, informational, research on local, genealogical and/or historical issues.

General History Collection
Books and materials that relate principally to Holyoke history, including local biographies, industry histories, geological and environmental overviews, as well as books about surrounding towns in Hampshire and Hampden counties.

Local History Collection
Topical and Biographical materials collected on Holyoke community events, organizations, and resident families. These folders are readily available for browsing.

Holyoke Photo Collection
Views; Bridges, Dams, Canals, River; 1927& 1936 Floods; Mt. Tom; Mountain Park; Landmark Buildings; Schools; Churches; Mills, Factories; Apartments; Residences; Interiors: Homes, Factories; Businesses; Transportation; Associations; People; Bands.

Parsons Paper Collection
Holyoke’s first paper mill, it laid the foundation for Holyoke to be known as “Paper City.” This collection contains early business records, paper samples, artifacts and photographs.

Lyman Mills

335 Main St. Cor. Cabot. This image shows the store front of the A&P Tea Co. There are fruits outside the store. On the windows there are signs for milk, ham, chicken, pigs liver and soap. On the inside of the store there are cans of food and…

In this image, the New Dam in being created in front of the Old Dam. There are men standing on top of the New Dam, some working, some talking amongst themselves. The Connecticut River can be seen running from the Old Dam and underneath the New Dam.…

Horses bought at Hicks Auction by the Whiting Co. In this image, one man stands next to the carriage that has the company name, the second sits on the carriage and leads the horses. Attached to this image is the name of the two horses and their…

Marque of the Victory Theater