Wistariahurst Museum


Our vision at Wistariahurst is to collect the stories that weave together a community history. Through its collections, research, exhibits and programs, the museum is dedicated to promoting an understanding and appreciation of the history and material culture of the William Skinner Family, members of the manufacturing elite, the working class who made that lifestyle possible and the Holyoke region where those people lived. Our goal as a museum is to encourage the public to encounter, enjoy and learn from the varied experiences and cultural expression of the people who gave the Holyoke area its distinct character.

The Skinner Family collection includes maps, blueprints and architectural drawings of homes and other buildings owned by the Skinners as well as scrapbooks, photos, clothing and memorabilia of the family. It also contains products and ledgers from William Skinner & Sons Manufacturing.

The Holyoke Collection includes photos, maps, blueprints and memorabilia of Holyoke and surrounding towns.

Our textile collection includes wedding dresses made of Skinner silk and satin, costumes from the 1850s - 1950s, and samplers from around the world.

Postcard of Elmwood Park

Trolley car belonging to Mt. Tom Railroad, which went to Mountain Park

Postcard of unknown school classroom in Holyoke

Postcard of H.B. Lawrence School

Carousel at Mountain Park