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Joseph E. Chase tradecard for his confectionary and toy store on Dwight Street.

Shields & Kinney tradecard advertising teas and coffees in the store on Dwight Street.

Holyoke Furnishing Company tradecard advertising household furniture.

Conant & Barker advertisement for shoes, boots and trunks in their store on High Street.

D.H. Porterfield Jeweler Tradecard

Henry Westphal was a dealer in gentleman's furnishing goods, trunks, bags, valises, boots, shoes, and rubbers. He also repaired goods.

McQuaid & Flynn Clothing tradecard advertising hats, caps, gentleman's furnishings, located on High Street.

J.H. Lamay was a seller of ceiling decorations, oils and paints, etc.

Thomas Childs Shoe Store Postcard Advertisement featuring a gentleman in tuxedo and top hat.