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Tim Purington, City Councilor for Ward 3, discusses his first campaign and why he wanted to move to Holyoke, MA.

Holyoke's political process

Tim discusses his neighborhood around Beech Street.

Rural versus city life.

Postcard print of the inside of the Skinner Memorial Chapel, a chapel attached to the Second Congregational Church, which was located on the corner of Maple and Appleton Streets.

Postcard of St. Paul's Church. Writing on the front says

L.A. Taber & Sons Jewelers Tradecard advertising fine jewelry in Holyoke.

M.P. Conway was a dealer in pianos, organs and sewing machines. They were located on High Street. This is an advertisement for a Remington Sewing Machine.

Tradecard for the Hermann Bosbach Inc. Dry Cleaning Company located on Brown Avenue in Holyoke.