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Postcard of St. Paul's Church. Writing on the front says

Razed 1940. This image is an aerial view of the Lyman Mill Employee housing area. The Conneticut River is in the background and train tracks run over them into the housing complex. Next to the complex looks like regular apartment building not…

This image shows the back of a Mill House. There are clothes hanging out to dry, and there is a trash heap behind the wooden fence. On the lower right hand side there is a young girl sitting on the ground.

This image is of tenements on Dwight street. They are roughly five stories high and made out of wood. there is a little girl on the second story. There are clothes being hung outside of the houses to dry.

Aerial View East from City Hall, Razed 1940. This image shows the Lyman Mill housing for the employees. In the background there is the Connecticut river with a bridge going over it. There are also some houses in the background along with some…

Burned 1882. This image shows a German Lutheran Church on the corner of a dirt street. There is a wooden fence surrounding it and some buildings behind and to the side of it.

This is an aerial view of the Mater Dolorosa Church in the 1930's. Opposite this church is what looks like a workshop with cars parked along the street.