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Connecticut River Railroad Company. On the hill is Rufush Mosher house and the AA Wait House, 1884.


National Blank Book Company on Water Street. You can see the Willamansett Bridge in the background.


Third floor cribs at the Old Maplewood Hotel, c. 1925.

Hampden Brewery, c. 1930s, located in Willimansette.

Holyoke Envelope Company, c. 1890s


American Machine Company tradecard for their ice cream freezer line of products.

L.A. Taber & Sons Jewelers Tradecard advertising fine jewelry in Holyoke.

M.P. Conway was a dealer in pianos, organs and sewing machines. They were located on High Street. This is an advertisement for a Remington Sewing Machine.

Child's Shoe Store tradecard for solar tip shoes.

Tradecard for the Hermann Bosbach Inc. Dry Cleaning Company located on Brown Avenue in Holyoke.

Child's Shoe Store tradecard advertising boots.

J.C. Fringelin trade card advertisement for Ryto Ink, a Carter Inx product.

Hermann Bosbach tradecard advertising for cold storage of dry cleaning items for the summer.