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Burned 1882. This image shows a German Lutheran Church on the corner of a dirt street. There is a wooden fence surrounding it and some buildings behind and to the side of it.

This is an aerial view of the Mater Dolorosa Church in the 1930's. Opposite this church is what looks like a workshop with cars parked along the street.

Men and women in German Evangelical Choir at the Lutheran Church.

South Holyoke. Children at a German Church site for a photograph. There is snow on the ground. Left Front: Flora Gulik(?)

Holyoke Turnverine Organization

Map of Holyoke from 1870

Holyoke's City Seal, created in 1873 when Holyoke was incorporated into a city. This copy was taken from Wyatt Harper's The Story of Holyoke.


Map of Holyoke in 1827

Map of Holyoke in 1855

Seal of Holyoke when it was created as a town in 1850. The image was taken from Wyatt Harper's The Story of Holyoke.

Map of Holyoke in 2000, contains street names and features.

Map of Holyoke in 1912

Map of Holyoke in 1831

Map of the Holyoke area, referred to as Ireland Parish, in 1795