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Graduating class of Thompson's business school in Holyoke. Top row, second from the right is Leah Melner.

The eighth grade class of Nonotuck Street School with teacher Mrs. SJC Todd.

Highland Grammar School with Mrs. Rand.

Postcard of Hampton Park

St. Jerome's High School graduating class of 1925

Mrs. SJC Todd's eighth grade class at Nonotuck Street School

Mrs. Harriet Stearn's fourth grade class in an unknown Holyoke school

Cooking Club of Holyoke group photograph

Mrs. Brennan's first grade class at Sargeant Street School

Mountain Park

Scene at Mountain Park

Picnic at Sytoneha by the Connecticut River. Left to Right: Mrs. RL Syms, Bert Syms, Mrs. Solon M. Bentley, Mrs. Richard T. Wyckoff, Dick Wyckoff, Miss Mary Shumway, Lewis F. Hayward, Miss Farr, J. Lewis Wyckoff.

Postcard of unknown school classroom in Holyoke

Trolley car belonging to Mt. Tom Railroad, which went to Mountain Park

Image of Childs’ Shoe Store at 273-79 High Street. Childs’ Shoe Store was owned and operated by Thomas Childs, pictured in the foreground of this image waiting on a gentleman in a bowler. Two floor-to-ceiling shelves that are filled with shoes…