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Photograph reprinted by David Doherty of the canals being built at what is now Holyoke Heritage State Park

Holyoke Dam

Dwight Street on the first level canal, 1857.

Building the Holyoke Dam, c. 1898.

The dam across the Connecticut River. Mount Tom is in the distance.

The Holyoke Dam Building Committee, 1888.

Placing the last stone in the Holyoke dam.

This image is of the Whiting Paper Co. Mill 1, taken from the train tracks. The Connecticut River is on the right hand side.

View of Connecticut River, view from Holyoke at a bend in the river.

View of Connecticut River with a dock in the foreground.

Image of Holyoke’s wooden dam, the first successful structure to harness the Connecticut River for its power-generating potential. Built in 1849, it was replaced by the current stone dam in 1900. In the foreground the water of the Connecticut…

This image contains four cars and three visible men washing their cars in front of the dam. In the background there are other men visible standing in the river right in front of the mill.

I this image there are dozens of laborers working on what looks like the Old Dam in Holyoke over the Connecticut River. Some men hold tools that they used, some just stand and pose for the camera.

In this image, the New Dam in being created in front of the Old Dam. There are men standing on top of the New Dam, some working, some talking amongst themselves. The Connecticut River can be seen running from the Old Dam and underneath the New Dam.…