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Skinner Family Parlor, c. 1900

Skinner family nursemaids take care of Robert Stewart Kilborne, Jr., first son of Katharine Skinner Kilborne.

Joseph Allen Skinner, 1878.

Skinner servant cuts Robert Stewart Kilborne, Jr.'s hair on Wistariahurst grounds, c. 1909.

Sarah Elizabeth Allen Skinner, c. 1908.

Ruth Isabel "Belle" Skinner, c. 1885

Skinner Family great hall, c. 1900.

Katharine Skinner Kilborne, c. 1929.

Prudence Lagogue and Belle Skinner owned at least one great dane in Hattonchatel, France c. 1920s.

Wistariahurst grand staircase, added to the home by Belle Skinner in 1927.

Katharine Skinner Kilborne, c. 1926.

Elizabeth Allen Skinner Hubbard, c. 1925.

Belle Skinner, c. 1920s.