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Unidentified Skinner servants serving tea to three Kilborne Children on the second floor porch at Wistariahurst, c. 1910.

Elizabeth and William Kilborne and their nursemaid Grace Slater traveled to Manchester England.

Sarah Elizabeth Allen Skinner, c. 1903.

Skinner servant, likely a nursemaid, pulls Robert Stewart Kilborne, Jr. in a cart, c. 1907.

Nancy Warner Skinner Clark, c. 1870.

Nancy Warner Skinner Clark, c. 1918.

William Skinner, c. 1897.

Sarah Elizabeth Allen Skinner, c. 1880.

Belle Skinner, c. 1884.

Belle Skinner was awarded the French Legion of Honor for her work in her adopted village of Hattonchatel.

William Skinner, c. 1870.

Katharine (left) and Belle (right) Skinner in c. 1881.

Thomas and William Skinner c. 1900.

Belle Skinner adopted a village in France called Hattonchatel. Her nickname was the Godmother, as she made sure the village had a water supply, money to repair the town hall, a movie theater, a schoolhouse and had electricity.

George Brakey, chauffeur of the Skinner Family, shows Belle Skinner's nephew Robert Stewart Kilborne, Jr., the family horse, Relief, c. 1909.