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Skinner family nursemaids take care of Robert Stewart Kilborne, Jr., first son of Katharine Skinner Kilborne.

Skinner servants set up a picnic c. 1900.

Skinner servant cuts Robert Stewart Kilborne, Jr.'s hair on Wistariahurst grounds, c. 1909.

George Brakey, Skinner Family chauffeur, c. 1906.

George Brakey, Skinner family chauffeur, drives William Skinner and the three Kilborne children, c. 1915.

Unidentified Skinner servants serving tea to three Kilborne Children on the second floor porch at Wistariahurst, c. 1910.

Elizabeth and William Kilborne and their nursemaid Grace Slater traveled to Manchester England.

Skinner servant, likely a nursemaid, pulls Robert Stewart Kilborne, Jr. in a cart, c. 1907.

Hulda Klemm started working for the Skinner Family as Sarah's nurse in the early 1900s. She eventually became head housekeeper in the 1930s.

Pictured are Emma Peeples, Ada Peoples, and Charles Linderme. They served as housekeeper, cook and chauffeur, respectively. They were staff when Katharine Skinner Kilborne lived at Wistariahurst in the 1950s.

George Brakey, chauffeur of the Skinner Family, shows Belle Skinner's nephew Robert Stewart Kilborne, Jr., the family horse, Relief, c. 1909.

Emma Zahn (left) and her co-worker Atta Pittroff Lemke (right front) weave silk on two looms. Their foreman was Bob Stopgeshoff. William Skinner & Sons Silk Manufacturing Company, c. 1920s

Skinner servants bustle around the children in the breakfast room, where the family started their day.