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Dwight Street on the first level canal, 1857.

Wistariahurst grand staircase, added to the home by Belle Skinner in 1927.

In the 1920s, William Skinner had a plant on Bond Street, where this woman worked in the inspecting room.


Third floor cribs at the Old Maplewood Hotel, c. 1925.

Mountain Park ride, c. 1950s


George Brakey, Skinner family chauffeur, drives William Skinner and the three Kilborne children, c. 1915.

Katharine Skinner Kilborne, c. 1926.

Auer les compliments de A.F. Gingras. Gingras Block downtown Holyoke.

Elizabeth Allen Skinner Hubbard, c. 1925.

Belle Skinner, c. 1920s.

Unidentified Skinner servants serving tea to three Kilborne Children on the second floor porch at Wistariahurst, c. 1910.

Elizabeth and William Kilborne and their nursemaid Grace Slater traveled to Manchester England.

Sarah Elizabeth Allen Skinner, c. 1903.

Belle Skinner Music Room, c. 1920s.