Thomas S. Childs Shoe Store


Thomas S. Childs Shoe Store


Image of Childs’ Shoe Store at 273-79 High Street. Childs’ Shoe Store was owned and operated by Thomas Childs, pictured in the foreground of this image waiting on a gentleman in a bowler. Two floor-to-ceiling shelves that are filled with shoes dominate this image. Tall ladders lean against the shelves and baskets connected to pulleys hang beside each ladder. These baskets are most likely designed to allow the salesman to safely remove boxes of shoes from the highest shelves. The salesman most likely would put the shoebox into the basket, climb down the ladder, lower the basked and then retrieve the shoes. An oversized boot can be seen over the door. Displays of umbrellas, shoes, and ladies hosiery can be seen throughout the room. Several customers are being waited on, all of whom are wearing Edwardian clothes.



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Thomas S. Childs Shoe Store





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